The story of the haunted Commarque Castle

6 December 2017

The Commarque Castle in Dordogne and the story of its ghost

The medieval fortress was built in the 12th century. Today, its important and remarkable remains include the large donjon (defensive tower) and the building that contained the main living quarters and the walls of several other buildings. It was a strategic place during the One Hundred Year war and, as the story goes, the setting for a dramatic event.

It took place at a time when the Count of Commarque and the Baron of Beynac were fighting for other domains in the vicinity. The Count of Commarque’s daughter fell in love with the son of the rival family.
Mad with rage, the Count of Commarque imprisoned the young man in the dungeon of the castle for a few months and then had him beheaded.
Since then, it is said that this place is haunted by the young man’s ghost horse, which wanders the ruins of the fortress on the nights of the full moon in search of its master.
It is also said that all the people who have tried to see the ghost have died in strange circumstances!

The Puymartin Castle

It is located near Sarlat and famous for its White Lady. The story dates back to the period of the wars of Religion. One day, when the Lord of the castle came back home from war unexpectedly, he surprised his wife, Thérèse de Saint-Clar, in the arms of her lover. He locked her up in a cell in the dungeon for 16 years after having executed the lover. She never left the tower, at her death her body was walled up.

Since then it is said that the ghost of Thérèse de Saint-Clar comes back to haunt the castle in the evening around midnight. The White Lady walks up the stairs, the covered walkways and her room.

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